How to do Ablutions (wudhu) in the Correct way?


What is Ablutions (wuddu) and How to do in correct way?

This is the most important question which is asked by many people how to do ablutions in the correct way.

Muslims must be clean and wear good clothes before presenting themselves before God. Muslims begin in the name of God and begin by washing the right hand and then the left hand three times. Then he cleans his mouth three times.

When Muslim offering the prayer five times a day. They required to perform Wuddu before praying. It is proved that cleanliness is important not only for offering namaz or any religious perspective But as well as scientifically. Wudu is one of the most appropriate ways to purify human body organs. 

Wuddu is necessary before Istikhara?

There are total five pillar of Islam, Namaz is one of the important pillar of Islam. Before praying or doing istikhara Ablutions (waddu) is also important. you can also read the way of istikhara as per sunnah.

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