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We are one of the best online Istikhara Center in USA. We do this in the proper Islamic way and give you the result within 48 hours INSHA ALLAH.

You will find a lot of services on our website and one of the best service we are providing is istikhara for love marriage 100% Guaranteed result. If you want to consult any kind of problem we are also offering free istikhara Consultation.

 Importance of Istikhara In Islam

Most of the people are facing issue while taking decisions about their loved one or when they are going to marry someone. In Islam, if you are not sure about taking any type of decision then do Istikhara for your particular problem. Click here to read how to Perform istikhara by your self in proper islamic way.

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Istikhara Services

We provide Istikhara Services with 100% Guaranteed Result.

Wazifa Services

Are you having issues in your life? Don’t worry we will give wazifa for your problems. 

Taweez Services

We provide Istikhara Services with 100% Guaranteed Result.

How to Perform Salat-al- Istikhara As per sunnah?

There come many such moments in our lives where we stuck ourselves in a double scenario. At that time, we need to take or required some important decisions that have a big influence on our future plans. As per the Islamic tradition, we have an option of istikhara to consult with ALLAH. Read more about Salat al Istikhara.